NEC 500-516 Hazardous Locations

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Location : Houston - National- International
  • Duration : 2 Days, 8am to 4pm
  • Pre-requisites : None
  • Code : HazLoc NEC 500-516
Course Code: HazLoc NEC 500-516 Category:

Course Overview

This course provides training for electrical or other personnel working in or planning to work in HazLoc (Hazardous Locations) of the NEC 500-516 industry that procures, installs, inspects, and maintains HazLoc equipment, either with or without HazLoc experience. Topics of the training are:

  • History
  • Sources of ignition
  • Nature of hazards, identification of hazards
  • Area classifications NFPA 497 (gas), Class 1 Div 1 & 2 and NFPA 499 (dust)
  • Selection of HazLoc apparatus, conduit, cabling, seal-offs, and sundry items
  • Temperature code
  • NEMA
  • HazLoc Inspection and maintenance
  • Management and remedial work


Course Objectives

  • Understand the basics of HazLoc operations
  • Standard practice and where the HazLoc equipment may be used
  • View various types of HazLoc installations
  • Understand which activities are and are not allowed with regard to maintenance and repairs of HazLoc equipment.
  • Review various types of HazLoc installations.


Course Details

Target audience: Electrical or other personnel involved in HazLoc procurement, installation, maintenance, and inspections and other personnel engaged in NEC500-516 applications and installations.