Ex Inspections

Ex Inspections

Our Ex/HazLoc Equipment Inspections ensure compliance with safety standards, covering everything from management to equipment testing and maintenance, ensuring the right protection for potentially explosive atmospheres.

Ex Training

Ex Training

As the complexities of potentially explosive environments grow, GExS training and competency empower you to safeguard your workforce, assets, and stakeholders in these ever-changing and hazardous conditions.



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At GExS, our mission revolves around safety and protecting people and assets through our Ex Hazardous Locations Services . We are committed to providing comprehensive solutions to ensure the well-being of individuals, as well as safeguarding valuable equipment. With a dedication to safety, we offer two core services: Ex/HazLoc Inspections and Ex/HazLoc Training.


Hazardous Location Equipment Inspections

In our Ex/HazLoc Inspections service, we focus on minimizing risks to property, products, and personnel. Our services ensure that your equipment complies with customer standards, industry regulations, and government requirements. Our services cover a wide range of critical activities related to explosive atmosphere equipment. From management and inspection to Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT), verification, installation, maintenance, modification, and replacement of all Ex-equipment, we’ve got you covered. Our primary objective is to equip you with actionable insights and tools to safely manage your Ex-assets.

Ex/Hazloc Training/Courses

In today’s ever-evolving landscape of explosive atmospheres, GExS offers expert Ex/HazLoc Training to safeguard your workforce and assets. Our internationally recognized certification ensures the competence of personnel working in hazardous locations, including the oil, gas, petrochemical, and chemical industries. Equip your team with the skills needed to excel in dynamic and potentially dangerous environments.