Ex/Hazloc Inspections & Factory Testing Acceptance

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Location : National- International
  • Duration : Onsite
  • Pre-requisites : None
  • Code : OSI
Course Code: OSI Category:

Contact us today to learn more about how GExS can tailor our services to meet your specific needs and keep your Ex/HazLoc assets in optimal condition. Your safety is our priority!

At GExS, we specialize in managing, inspecting, and ensuring the safety of Ex (Explosive Atmosphere) equipment within your industrial assets. Our comprehensive range of services is designed to help you maintain a safe working environment while complying with all relevant standards, regulations, and codes. Here’s how we can assist you:

  • Inspection of Existing and New Ex/HazLoc Equipment
    We conduct thorough inspections of both existing and newly installed Ex/HazLoc equipment to identify potential hazards and ensure compliance.
  • Factory Acceptance Tests (FAT)
    Our team can perform Factory Acceptance Tests for OEM equipment either at your premises or on-site, ensuring that the equipment meets the necessary safety standards.
  • Ex/HazLoc Inspection Strategy Development
    We assist in developing a comprehensive Inspection Strategy, including Risk-Based Inspections (RBI) to prioritize equipment assessments effectively.
  • Compilation of Ex/HazLoc Registers and Client Databases
    We compile and maintain detailed Ex/HazLoc equipment registers and client databases to keep track of your assets.
  • Verification of Installed Ex/Hazardous Locations Equipment Database
    Our experts verify the accuracy and completeness of installed Ex/Hazardous Locations equipment databases
  • Compliance with Standards and Regulations
    We ensure that your Ex-equipment fully complies with all applicable standards, regulations, and codes to mitigate risks.
  • Gap Analysis and Reporting
    Our team conducts gap analyses and provides detailed reports on your current inspection procedures, highlighting areas for improvement
  • Ex/HazLoc Equipment Risk Assessments
    We offer an easy-to-use GExS app for conducting Ex/HazLoc equipment risk assessments, making it simple for you to evaluate and manage potential risks.
  • Ex/HazLoc Installation and Maintenance

GExS is your partner for safe Ex/HazLoc equipment installation and ongoing maintenance, ensuring optimal performance and longevity.

With GExS as your trusted Ex/HazLoc inspection and management partner, you can rest assured that your assets are in safe hands. Our experienced team, comprehensive services, and state-of-the-art tools will help you navigate the complexities of explosive atmosphere environments while prioritizing safety and compliance.
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