In an ever-evolving world, safety is paramount, especially in potentially explosive atmospheres where compliance with national and international standards and regulations is a must. Global Ex Solutions (GExS) stands as a beacon of expertise, knowledge, and reliability in the realm of Ex/HazLoc (Explosion Hazardous Locations) Inspections and Training Solutions. With a commitment to safety and excellence, GExS offers a comprehensive suite of services to ensure your organization’s assets and personnel remain safe and compliant.

Who Are We?

Global Ex Solutions is the only specialist you can trust when it comes to Ex/HazLoc matters. Our team is comprised of experts with a deep understanding of international and national standards, including IEC, ISO, ATEX, API, NEC, and many others. We provide guidance, clarification, training, and advice to help your organization navigate the complexities of compliance in potentially explosive atmospheres.

What We Do

At GExS, we specialize in offering comprehensive training and inspections in all areas that have the potential to be hazardous or explosive. Our primary goal is to assist your organization in ensuring the safety and compliance of your operations, personnel, and assets. We understand that safety is not a one-size-fits-all approach, and we tailor our services to meet your specific needs.

How We Operate

Expertise and Constant Evolution: Our team of experienced training assessors, on-site inspectors, and support staff are dedicated to keeping abreast of the dynamic industries and ever-changing market demands. We constantly evolve our services to align with the latest developments and ensure that your operations remain safe and compliant.

Digitalized Applications: GExS is at the forefront of innovation, and one of our current projects involves the development of digitalized applications. These applications are available on the iOS platform and provide users with a powerful tool to perform risk assessments on electrical devices, all from a portable device. This innovation streamlines the inspection process and enhances the accuracy and efficiency of assessments.

Why Choose GExS?

Global Access to Expertise: GExS offers direct global access to Ex/HazLoc knowledge, experience, and expertise. Our team is dedicated to ensuring that you have access to the most up-to-date information and insights.

Compliance and Safety: We prioritize your organization’s compliance and safety, helping you mitigate risks and prevent potential disasters in hazardous environments.


In a world where safety and compliance are paramount, Global Ex Solutions (GExS) emerges as the premier choice for Ex/HazLoc Inspections and Training Solutions. With a dedicated team of experts, constant innovation, and a commitment to safety, GExS is your trusted partner in ensuring the safety and compliance of your operations in potentially explosive atmospheres. Choose GExS for global access to expertise, tailored solutions, and peace of mind in hazardous environments.