In the wake of the devastating paint manufacturing explosion at the Yenkin-Majestic facility in Columbus, Ohio, in April 2021, the need for robust Hazardous Locations (Hazloc) inspections and safety measures has never been more apparent. The incident claimed one life, injured eight, and resulted in extensive property damage amounting to over $90 million. Now, the US Chemical Safety and Hazard Investigation Board (CSB) has released its final report, shedding light on the causes of the explosion and issuing crucial safety recommendations.

The CSB’s investigation revealed that the explosion was triggered by a mixture of flammable naphtha solvent vapors and resin liquid escaping through the seal of a closed manway. The resulting flammable vapor cloud quickly spread through the facility, finding an ignition source within minutes and leading to a massive explosion and an 11-hour-long fire. The incident not only claimed lives and caused injuries but also inflicted severe damage on nearby structures.

In response to such incidents, Global Ex Solutions (GExS) wants to discuss options available to ensure the safety of hazardous locations. GExS specializes in Ex/Hazloc equipment inspections, emphasizing the importance of pre-planning and preventative maintenance to mitigate the risk of similar tragedies. By ensuring that all Hazloc areas are up to code and regulations, GExS aims to prevent accidents, protect employees, and safeguard valuable assets.

Pre-planning and preventative maintenance are critical aspects of GExS’s approach, understanding the importance of proactive measures to identify and address potential hazards in hazardous locations, reducing the likelihood of catastrophic incidents.

In the aftermath of the Yenkin-Majestic incident, GExS stands as a beacon of expertise and commitment to hazard prevention. The company’s dedication to ensuring that all Hazloc areas meet and exceed safety standards marks a significant stride towards a safer industrial landscape. It’s never too late to complete an Inspection on your asset. As businesses worldwide grapple with the imperative to enhance workplace safety, Global Ex Solutions (GExS) acts as a valuable ally in the quest to prevent Hazloc incidents and tragedies.