Ex/Hazloc Rechargeable LED Lamp

$599.00 / per person

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Dimensions : 290 × 260 × 140 mmWeight : 1.9kg
Designed for Ex/Hazloc applications
Zone 2
Standard Materials:
  • Housing: PC
  • Lens: Glass/PC
Course Code: N/A Category:
Key Features:
  • Excellent energy efficiency: high lumen efficiency, high CRI, low energy consumption, 50,000 hours lifetime, 5 years maintenance warranty.
  • Economically and environmentally friendly: High energy memory-less lithium-ion battery has excellent charging and discharging performance. The power supply also has over-charging, over-discharging and short-circuit protection functions.
  • Easy control: the WKC portable explosion-proof work light has three light modes: strong light, work light and flash light, which can be switched with one button. Press the button consecutively, the light mode switches in this order: strong light, work light, flash light, off. The light will flash if you hold the button for over 3 seconds.
  • Adaptability: The light emission angle can be adjusted by rotating the lamp cap and handle, and the warning light function with yellow light is set to send an S.O.S signal or to serve as an alarm. With a magnetic base, the lamp can be attached to the surface of some metals, making it perfect for use as a work light.
  • Waterproof and anti-impact: The housing is made of high-strength plastics and its optimized structure protects the product from strong impact; The lamp base is made of aluminum alloy, which features excellent heat dissipation performance, good waterproof performance and good corrosion resistance.
Technical Data:
  1. Lifespan of light source is more than 25,000 hours.
  2. Relative humidity (RH): ≤90RH(AT @ 25℃)
  3. Light duration up to 7 hours (working light) or 3 hours (strong light) from a single charge.
  4. Recharge time: 24 hours.
  5. LED chip: 3030/5050.
  6. Quantity of LED chips: 54(WKC1); 3(WKC2))
  7. Irradiation distance: 30 Meters.
  8. Drop height of protection: 2 Meters
Application :
Oil and gas industry

  • All petroleum production and refining
  • Petroleum loading and transportation
  • Petroleum storage and retail
  • LNG industry
  • All mining operations and service
Chemical industry

  • All types of paint facilities
  • Chemical production and storage
Ocean, marine and aerospace field

  • Ocean platform operation facilities
  • Aerospace clean room and production
  • Ocean vessel operations
Metal treatment

  • Steel and aluminum factories
  • Pumping stations in any environment
  • Metal smelting, foundry and fabrication
Food and alcohol industry

  • Flour and fine particle production and storage
  • Food and distilling production
  • Alcohol industry
Other high humidity, high dust, high temperature, vapor locations.





Model Quantity/Carton Packing Size Net Weight Gross Weight
EX-XXXW-WKC1YZDA 1 PC 10.24x9.84x5.51inch; 260x250x140mm 1.4 kg/ 3.09 lb 1.9 kg/ 4.19 lb
EX-XXXW-WKC2YZDA 1 PC 11.42x10.24x5.51inch; 290x260x140mm 1.4 kg/ 3.09 lb 1.8 kg/ 3.97 lb


  • In order to reduce the risk of ignition by hazardous air, DO NOT disassemble the lamp housing.
  • Keep the lighting fixture sealed while working.
  • Wipe the lamp with a damp cloth if there is dust.
  • The charger can only be used in a safe area.
  • ATEX Marking:
    • II 3GD Ex ec ic IIC T4 Gc
      • II 3GD Ex ec ic IIC T4 Gc

Explosion-proof Rechargeable LED Lantern


Explosion-proof Rechargeable LED Lantern


  • Standards:
    • Ex ec ic IIC T4 Gc
    • Ex ic tc IIIC T135℃ Dc
  • Standards:
    • IEC60598-1; IEC60598-2-8; IEC60079-0;
    • IEC60079-11; IEC60079-15; IEC60079-18;
    • IEC60079-31;
  • Ambient Temperature:
    • -10℃ to 60℃ (14℉ to140℉)
  • IP65
Catalog Number Logic:



  • Explosion-proof light

  • 10W (max)

  • WKC1
  • WKC2

  • Y=D: Dimmable
  • Y=N: Non-dimmable

  • 2200K-7000K

    • No beam angle for WKC Series.

  • A=blank: flat glass
  • A=c: Spherical glass


Model Wattage Operating Voltage Total Lumens (lm) CRI CCT
EX-XXXW-WKC1YZDA 5W-10W AC100-240V; 50/60 Hz 1,000 >70 2200K-7000K
EX-XXXW-WKC2YZDA 5W-10W AC100-240V; 50/60 Hz 1,170 >70 2200K-7000K