Global ELL Portable Lamp

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Dimensions : 520 × 200 × 200 mmWeight : 1.6kg
  • High efficiency of up to 100 lumens per watt. Complete automatic control.
  • Lightweight and reasonable size.
  • Portable design.
  • Aluminum housing for better corrosion resistance.
  • High vibration and impact resistance.
  • Low working wattage for saving energy.
  • A lamp shield is designed to protect the fixture against shattering.
  • The lighting fixture can be plugged into standard outlets.
  • A swivel hook is provided for hanging and hands-free operation.
  • Changeable light source and battery can make replacement relatively easy.
  • Hook design makes installation easy.
  • Battery backup is available for emergency situations.
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The importance of Ex-equipment:

Fire Prevention
Explosion-proof lighting is engineered with one primary goal: to reduce the risk of fire outbreaks in environments with flammable materials. In conventional lighting systems, the heat generated by a light bulb can be enough to ignite volatile substances, leading to catastrophic consequences. However, explosion-proof lights are equipped with hard lenses and rugged enclosures that minimize the chances of an ignition event. This critical feature ensures that even if the light bulb ignites a flammable material, the explosion-proof housing would contain the blast, preventing the fire from spreading.

Containment of Explosions
Explosion-proof lights are specifically designed to withstand and contain explosions. Their robust construction and sealed enclosures act as a barrier, preventing explosive gases or dust from infiltrating the internal components of the fixture. In the event of a bulb rupture or electrical fault, these lights ensure that any explosion remains confined to the fixture. This containment significantly reduces an explosion’s potential damage and danger, safeguarding personnel and equipment.

Energy Efficiency and High Lumens
Modern explosion-proof lighting solutions often utilize energy-efficient LED technology. LED explosion-proof lights offer several advantages, including reduced energy consumption and increased lumen output. This means that these lights are safer and provide superior illumination in hazardous areas, enhancing visibility and overall safety conditions.

The Importance of Portability
While fixed explosion-proof lighting is crucial for many applications, there are instances where mobility is essential to maintain safety. In such scenarios, portable explosion-proof lighting becomes indispensable. These lights can be easily moved around to adapt to changing work environments and requirements. Whether your team needs to investigate confined spaces, conduct inspections, or respond to emergencies, portable explosion-proof lighting ensures that safety is maintained wherever they go.

Intrinsically Safe Flashlights
Intrinsically safe flashlights are a subset of explosion-proof lighting designed to meet the specific needs of workers who require handheld illumination without compromising safety. These flashlights incorporate advanced circuitry in their batteries to prevent any sparks that could ignite hazardous materials within a facility. By eliminating the risk of spark-related incidents, intrinsically safe flashlights provide a reliable lighting solution for workers operating in volatile environments.

Explosion-Proof Flashlights
On the other hand, explosion-proof flashlights prioritize the containment of potential ignition sources. These flashlights are engineered with robust casings that ensure any sparks or explosions inside the flashlight are confined within the device, preventing further escalation. This dual-layered safety approach makes explosion-proof flashlights an excellent choice for personnel working in hazardous settings.

In conclusion, the importance of explosion-proof lighting in certain areas cannot be overstated. These lights are critical in preventing fires, containing explosions, and providing efficient illumination in hazardous environments.

Wattage Effiency Im/w Luminous Flux Im Input Voltage CRI CCT Light Distribution
5w 100 500 AC50V/AC100-277V/DC12-36V, 50/60Hz >70 2700-7000K 120°
7w 100 700 AC50V/AC100-277V/DC12-36V, 50/60Hz >70 2700-7000K 120°
9w 100 900 AC50V/AC100-277V/DC12-36V, 50/60Hz >70 2700-7000K 120°


  • UL153 certified.
  • Standard for Safety: CSA C22.2 NO. 250.4
  • Ambient temperature; 40°C to 50°C (-40°F to 122°F)
  • IP67 (Wet location)

Marking UL844 (North American):

  • Class I, Division 1&2, Groups B, C, D
  • Class II, Division 1&2, Groups F, G
  • Class III

Standard Materials:

  • Housing: Copper-free aluminum
  • Lens: Glass

Standard Materials:

  • 5W LED drop light is suitable for replacement at the locations with 600W to 100W traditional bulbs.
  • This explosion-proof hand light operates on standard 120 Volts. This unit is available with wither a 600W - 100W bulb for Class 1 Division 1 operations (Gases Vapors) or a 60W bulb for class 2 Division 1 operation (Dusts).